Explaining rotators on Photographers Resource

A rotator is  a small piece of JavaScript that loads a series of links and graphics and shows each image in turn. While the image is displayed the link that goes with it is active.

So each advertisement in the rotator is displayed for a period, then replaced by the next in sequence, when the end of the cycle is reached it starts again at the first. 

The first advert in the list shows first while the others start to load, if the person can't see JavaScript, and today very few can't, then they see just the first advert and link, as this is hard programmed in HTML as  a backup.

We use rotators a lot on Photographers Resource within location guides as it allows us to show a series of photos on location pages. The photos are far larger than adverts and we often have far more, so we are use to this technology that is fast and reliable.

From the advertisers perspective it has many advantages over putting different ads up on pages.

  • All ads in the shared space are shown all the time
  • The fact that they change over makes the clients look, and as most don't fully understand they will tend to wait to see it disappear and when it shows up again clicks on it so they don't lose the chance again.
  • As each add has the potential to have a hot link, we can select to send the click either to one of our fact pages to show more information or direct to your website.

In some of our rotators, the first two slots are tied together, this can be used to show two different advertisements or the same one twice, doubling the time it is showing.

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