Explaining Fact Pages on Photographers Resource

A fact page is a page developed by or for the advertiser that gives more information about what they are offering, contact details, hot links to websites and email addresses, and more. They can include logos, photos, and a response form as long as it feeds to a form handler that you provide.

Fact pages are not linked to by articles, but can be linked to by advertorials, and any advertisement including many of the classified entries.

You can use them to provide far more information, and make the most of your advertisements.

As the fact page sits on our website you cannot take orders or money directly off these pages, as this might make us a part of the contract. You cannot include advertisements in a fact page to any other business and any hot links must be only to your own website, or be approved by us, so you can't use them to enhance search engine ratings with a group of others. We reserve the right to modify any fact pages should we need to, but will tell you and give you at no cost the option to overcome the problem yourself.

Fact pages are provided normally by you, and we just check them and load them, however they must not be misleading or contain anything that would be banned by our internet service provider or restrict the access of the website in countries that are more inclined towards censorship.

Some advertising types include the option of a fact page within the price, with all others it is optional and there is a small set up and annual charge in these cases. It may be packaged into the campaign by the consultant, so not involve you in any additional cost.

You can update fact pages, and there is  small charge for doing this, we decided on this rather than having a limit to the number of times or regularity that the page can be updated.

If the fact page cannot do what you want then use a hot link to a landing page, to your own website, landing pages need not be a part of your normal navigation system.

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