Advertising sizes and positions on Photographers Resource

 Sizes (all sizes in mm, width followed by height)

  • Banner 468w x 60h

  • Half banner  234w x 60h

  • Skyscraper 120w x 600h

  • Small skyscraper 120w x 240h

  • Square 180w x 180h

  • Button 120w x 120h 

  • Small button 120w x 60h  

Fact pages are an optional extra with all banners, buttons and skyscrapers

Positions and time options

Monthly - short notice

All the pages in the site usually show within a frame system, this means that there is a common top frame, a changing contents and main pages. With the exception of a few subsections that are dealt with differently. This is a common system. the top banner therefore shows across nearly all pages, nearly all of the time. Monthly changes can be made within this top banner and the current newsletter page. With some pages we are able to make changes easily and make changes at any time we wish.

Newsletter pages are charged for the month, but not removed after this. As back copies can be looked at at any time these adverts will show on the system for a very long time. A new newsletter comes out just before the 1st of the Month, and as well as having news also links to all the other new pages added.

Website wide top banner in title ( 2 of 7 in rotator) hot link first and second positions 

Website wide top banner in title ( 1 of 7 in rotator) hot link

Website wide top banner in title ( 1 of 7 in rotator) no hot link 

Monthly newsletter skyscraper   

Monthly newsletter small skyscraper  

Monthly newsletter end banner   

Monthly newsletter end half banner


Monthly - but we need a little more notice

While we can load individual pages, system wide adverts need the entire website to be reloaded, as the website is very large, this is a sizable task and will usually take place no more than once a month. The website is still active while this is happening as the program that does this replaces a few pages at a time.

Website wide end of page banner  

Website wide end of page half banner 

Defined section top of page banner  

Menu button 1 of 10 within rotator (1st after main menu)

Menu end button main menu only

Menu end button all practical menus 

Photographers Diary pages (monthly)

Four page types available, this month, next month, highlights forward and 4 nature & wildlife calendar quarters.

Top square rotator 1 of 10   

End of Grid banner 

End of page banner

Defined locations - Month

Defined locations allow you to select a page that is really relevant to what you have to offer, for example if you run a B&B, just think how effective it would be to have an advertisement on the page of the major attraction or attractions in your area. If we have articles or location pages that are likely to have people reading them that would be next looking to find someone, some service, or product such as the one you offer, then this will be particularly valuable to you.

Defined topic page index, end of page banner 

Defined article end of page banner 

Defined location end of page banner  

Defined location small skyscraper  

Defined location end of page button 


Run of site  - Quarterly

Run of site is where we, rather than you, select what pages we put the adverts on, and can move them if we wish, this is equivalent of the  normal display adverts in a magazine. As these are cheaper, you can get wider coverage, it may be that you can combine some specific defined locations with a block run of site to get the ideal mix for you.

Run of site end of page banner (x pages), and half banner

Run of site skyscraper  (x pages)

Button  and small button

 X blocks of 5, 10, 20, 50 pages 

Options currently available:-


3m x5 (15)

3m x10 (30)

3m x 20 (60)

 3mx35 (105)

3m x50 (150)

End banner






Half banner


















Small button







Classified Section annual -  invoiced quarterly

The entire classified section works on the basis of entries being permanently available, and normal entries are for a 12 month period. The banners and skyscrapers however are invoiced quarterly.

Classified section (classification) top of page banner   

Classified section (classification) top of page banner 2nd position 

Classified section (classification) skyscraper  

Classified section (classification) end of page banner    

see also classified section for other listing types within the classified section 


Advertorials, and advertising featires are articles that are written by or for you, they have the word 'advertorial' where it usually says 'article' but are indexed in the system fully. Once added they are not likely to be removed for some time, usually we can give you a minimum guaranteed time, if we don't it will be kept in place for at least 6 months, so this is a once only fee covering a lot of advertising. Links are mentioned of this in the monthly newsletter, so for example if you have 6 links it means that over a period 6 times we will direct readers to look at the article direct from the newsletter, there may also be other links as well. There are no other adverts added within advertorials and they don't carry site wide end of page advertisements, or links to competitive pages. Being a pane in a frame they will often have a top banner pane with adverts and may have adverts within the contents pane.

Advertorial article, incl 6 links to it, and like links to your website   

Advertorial location guide incl 6 links to it, and like links to your website  

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