Explaining Hot Links on Photographers Resource

A hot link is a hyperlink within a text advert/listing or linked from clicking on a banner or other advertisement. Hot links can go to nearly any page of your choice, there are a few exceptions, in that they must not directly link to a page that would be banned from being included on our website, or cause our website to be censored and blocked in less open countries.

It can link to pages that takes orders directly.

You may find it helpful to hot link to landing page rather than your website home page, this has a number of benefits including being able to take clients  directly to the point of interest to them, or routing them via a single page, offering a discount, providing additional information and being able from your site statistics to know how many people came from your individual advertisements, perhaps offering the scope to improving performance over a period.

Hot links are proved in some advertising type, are available for all banner button and skyscrapers and many classified listing types. In many cases they will either be included in the charge for ten advertisements or packaged in for your when the consultant helps you with your selection. Where not included or added later there is a small additionally charge.

Operationally when the person clicks on the advert they may go direct to the hot linked website page or may go via a redirect page on one of our websites, that then bounces the person on to the link without displaying anything, these bounces are not normally visible, and should not cause any noticeable delay in page loading. We use them to allow the easier change over of advertisements in some positions without having to reload the website. They are also often used with the bulk run of site adverts, as we can replace an advertisements across a group of pages in this way very quickly, and if we want rotate a group of adverts through different pages over time.

At the moment we have not implemented any counts of people responding to adverts, but we are looking at doing this, in which case we would need to use a redirect in order to achieve this.

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