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Photographers Resource is the unique online, completely free, resource for photographers and others, run by a non profit organisation. It has a monthly magazine/newsletter coming in time for the first of the month, with quality new articles each month, a diary of events throughout the UK that will be of interest to photographers and many others, location guides, galleries, reference information and huge databases on many types of locations.

All articles and locations are indexed in a number of ways, there are many special sections, and regular special features. It is different from a printed magazine in that all articles can be easily found, are linked to each other where relevant, and has unlimited space so can include huge tables or databases of information. For example look at windmills or steam railways and you will find details on every UK site, and individual writeups and grids giving more details, photographs etc on very many of them. You can locate every stone circle that is ever known to have existed , every monastery or abbey and track if anything remains, every windmill, nearly 200 with sails, well over 1,000 gardens open to the public, and similar details across everything from wildlife, to architecture, to history, to just about any photography topic.

Take a look yourself and you will see that there is nothing else like this, and this is why so many photographers and others use it regularly, both looking at the weekly newsletter but also using it as their first choice reference resource.

Where the site does not provide information itself, it has well indexed links to other places that do, so for example you can check the tides anywhere in the world, looking ahead to just about any date, you can look up any bird or animal ever seen in the UK and get instant information on it. 

While the number of people visiting is large and growing all the time, we and I am sure most of you who are better informed, will know that website page impressions mean nothing, are easy to generate and therefore we will not insult you with meaningless statistics.   ... (if you don't understand this then click here.).

Photographers are a market that you will want to get. Digital single lens reflex cameras and there attachments, such as lenses, flash units, bags, etc., are quite expensive items and these people are used to spending money to enjoy their hobby, many go on specialist and wider holidays, stay away within the UK far more than most, and so represent a good marketing opportunity for so many advertisers. Photographers will want to stay in hotels and guest houses,  purchase a wide rage of necessary and luxury goods will be looking at holidays, flying and cars. They are often some of the first people to have all the latest technology, and to take up new ideas.

While Photographers-Resource is a non profit site published by a non profit organisation, it has a lot of expenses to cover including website provision, hosting, promotion so that people knows it exists and far more. It was for a while advertised constantly in about 12 UK photographic magazines with occasional larger adverts and features. A number of other influential sites also point people towards it. The promotion plan is to step up PR, articles and other ways to make more people aware of it, all of which requires funds.

The decision was made to split the provision of this away from the main publishing task, and in exchange for covering these costs and undertaking the promotion, Maximum Coverage Ltd, working with others, have been permitted to add advertising to the site in a controlled way. In this way the organisations involved in authoring and expanding the website/magazine have been freed up from the need to worry about funding and marketing, and can concentrate on their core function of continuing to expand the world best site for photographers. On the internet, content is king, the better the content, the more complete and useful it is, the more people will come to rely on it and come back regularly.

Advertising is permitted around the edges of articles, for example in banners, at the end of menu bars,  a skyscraper on the right of the screen and at or towards the end of the page, but not in the middle of articles, or anywhere that would annoy, confuse of mislead readers. In addition to this there is a complete classified section that the publishers of the magazine wanted to add and had not had time to undertake, so this has now been included in the advertising remit. There is the scope for advertorials, feature advertising articles, and these will be indexed fully within the system, they will have the label of advertorial where it usually says article at the top of the page. These are the only pages where advertisers have control of content, otherwise editorial control is  independent of advertising. As readers are encouraged to write some guides, including location guides and maybe in some cases articles, there is the scope to write other material, but this is subject to normal editorial control. Advertising features are the exception on that you wrote them or have them written for you

This small website explains the positions and sizes of adverts available, as well as some of the targeting options that may be of inertest to you.

We would love to have one of the advertising consultants talk to you about the ideal package that will suit your need, be it a single one time special, a regular year long position of a  full advertising campaign. The consultants will tell you what is available, try to put together the ideal deal for you, but never pressure sell, so if you're just interested, researching the market, or know exactly what you want they would just love to talk to you.

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